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A photo of found natural materials such as sand and plants


Make the energy of nature tangible

The viewer can literally feel the salty spray when they take in Gabriela Akari's pictures from the “Ocean” series. Waves crash and the foam ripples before hissing away in a cloud of spray. The view evokes almost tactile stimuli in the viewer. In her works, the painter uses the nature and her effect on humans. She is interested in making the elements of nature tangible: water in all its manifestations, the earth and the air in the ever-changing light conditions.

The resulting landscapes and abstract compositions, whose dynamics are derived from nature, put the viewer in a state of harmony and balance. The effect of her work is intensified by the sounds of nature in her exhibitions. In this way, the artist appeals to all of the viewer's senses.

Gabriela Akari likes to experiment with different techniques. She is a Master student of Prof. Leiko Ikemura and uses natural materials in her work as much as possible. She uses canvas on a wooden frame or handmade paper as a support, mineral pigments and chalk as painting materials, but also found objects from nature such as plants or quartz sand, which she weaves into her work.

This way she has developed her own 3D natural technology: She includes materials she finds from nature, such as sand or plants, directly into her pictures or takes molds from these organic substances. She then works these sculptural objects into her works in an assemblage-like manner. This gives her works a partly relief-like structure and thus a particularly lively character.

It is Gabriela's goal to capture the energy of nature and convey their essence in your images.

Thematic work groups

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