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Painting - Landscape and abstraction

 The painter Gabriela Akari with one of her abstract works
The Painting Fields_2022-80 by Gabriela Akari
 The painting Animals_2020-101 by Gabriela Akari
The painting Ocean – 2021-85 by Gabriela Akari

Gabriela Akari is a landscape painter. Nature and its effect on people inspire her. The artist enjoys depicting the elements of nature in painting as vividly as possible. That's why she likes to use natural materials and incorporate objects from nature into her pictures. Your works have a special effect and put the viewer in a state of calm and balance.

 The painting Ocean – 2021-65 by Gabriela Akari

Your works

To the picture gallery of all work groups

A large selection of the Works by Gabriela Akari you can here discover online. The thematically arranged groups of works were created between 2017 and today. These include works in various techniques such as oil on canvas and watercolor on handmade paper.


In addition, some works are in the own 3D natural technology created by the artist. These are assemblages with natural materials such as sands, pigments and chalks or impressions of natural objects. Akari incorporates these into her pictures and thus achieves a special effect.

a photo of Gabriela Akari with her dog on the beach in Mallorca

About Gabriela Akari

In search of the essence of nature

Nature is for the artist the greatest inspiration. She lives part of the year in Valdemossa on Mallorca. On her daily forays with her dog, she experiences the region in all weathers. She is  always amazed by the clear colors and the special atmosphere of the island.

She wants to paint the landscape in every new lighting mood. She is less concerned with the detailed reproduction of the landscape than with the effect on the viewer. She wants to provide an experience close to nature itself.

Virtual tour

Ocean exhibition in Bad Hersfeld

Virtual tour of the Ocean exhibition in Bad Hersfeld 2022

In 2022 the Museum Bad Hersfeld has shown Gabriela Akari in a solo exhibition "Ocean" . In the chapter room of the house, works from the Ocean work group and other thematically associated works could be seen. You can view the virtual exhibition here at any time. With VR glasses you can also view the rooms in a 3D view.


Chronology of past and future exhibitions

Here you will find an overview of the exhibitions in which Gabriela Akari's works have been shown or will be shown in the future. There are numerous of them - individual and group exhibitions. Discover now


All mentions in print and online media

An overview of all posts, the about the artist has appeared, gives an impression of the last exhibition participation and award ceremonies. Read more

A photo of Gabriela Akari with one of her landscape paintings using 3D nature technology


Purchase Inquiries

you need further information about Gabriela Akari or are you interested in one of her works? Then get in touch here or arrange a studio visit.

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